Erosion Control & Weed Abatement

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Erosion Control

Empty Sandbags

Our empty polypropylene sandbags are 1600 hours U.V. treated and measure 14" X 26".

Silt Fence

Our silt fence is a construction grade fence, measuring 3' X 100' with 48" posts.


Our visqueen is 20 X 100 6 mil black poly sheeting

Straw Bales

Our size is 3-1/2' x 14" x 18".

Safety Fence

Our safety fence is a construction grade fence, measuring 4' X 100' rolls. Flexible and easy to install.

Jute Netting

4' X 225' rolls

Straw Wattles

9" X 25' rolls

Weed Abatement

We provide commercial, industrial and foreclosed property weed control and pesticide application. Our weed control applications include preventative treatments using pre-emergent/post-emergent for existing weeds.

  • Weed eating
  • Flailing
  • Trash removal

Weed Abatement Services

vacant lots
industrial centers
graded lots
flood control
city and county

office hours: 9AM to 3PM Monday-Friday | Phone (949) 768-8635

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